Friday, October 20, 2017

One Cent Extension

 All of our public needs to know how important the extension of the state penny sales tax is for school infrastructure. It is time for all of us to create a sense of urgency among all of our politicians to get this settled as soon as possible. We need to make it our mission to meet with our legislators before the end of this year. Ask them to support an extension of the state penny and to make this the priority for this next legislative session. 
Our House members that represent the Danville District are Dave Heaton and David Kerr; Senate members are Rich Taylor and Thomas Greene. I will be personally inviting them to make a visit to Danville, along with asking our voters to contact them. Listed below is their contact information:

Dave Heaton, 510 East Washington St. Mount Pleasant, 319-385-9342 -

David Kerr, 19798 90th St. Morning Sun - 319-759-1563 -

Rich Taylor, 2667 Iowa Av. Mount Pleasant, 319-750-6579 -

Thomas Greene, 5763 Hartman Rd. Burlington - 319-750-6579 -

For the Danville District to keep moving forward with improved technology, upgraded safety features, transportation upgrades and most importantly to create a learning environment conducive to the 21st Century learner we must heavily rely on the one cent extension.

Yours in education,

Thursday, October 19, 2017

MEMO From Central Office

We have a lot of good things happening here at Danville CSD. Just to name a few; the girl's volleyball team will be moving on in state play with a win over Columbus Junction on Monday. They will advance on to play Van Buren on Monday at Van Buren. The boy's and girl's cross country teams will compete in the district meet today (Thursday). Both teams have been running well this season.  Colton Ketcham, along with Mrs. Kunch traveled to Des Moines where Colton will compete in the World Food Prize Global Institute. Our football team will play in their last game of the season on Friday. This past season we have combined with West Burlington and Notre Dame. It has been a successful season not by the wins and losses but with the team work displayed not only by the players but also by the parents and communities coming together. Our Fine Arts will be on display over the next few weeks with a Fall Concert on Tuesday the 24th at 7:00 p.m. and with Shrek the Musical on November 3rd and 4th. I will say something that all Danville parents and patron already know is we have some very talented and well rounded students in our District. It has been a great experience to see and hear what our young adults can do.

We held our first "Coffee" on  October 4th with 15 patrons coming in to talk with our team. This is a great time for all to step foot in the school and witness how things operate and to bring questions to the administrators and any guest we have on hand. The next on is scheduled for November 8th at 9:00 in the Cafeteria. We do serve coffee and some delicious cookies.

Please, feel free to stop in the Central Office anytime with concerns or ideas you might have. We are always wanting to hear from our community. I can be reached at 660-342-5355 (cell), 319-392-4223, or e-mail at

Yours in education,
Dr. Ward

Friday, September 1, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

 We are coming to the end of another summer with the celebration of Labor Day this coming weekend. It signifies the end of summer for students and parents and the start of another school year. What is Labor Day? Labor Day is a holiday that was established to honor the working people of America. This is how it should be because America has been made great by the workers of this great nation.

Each day that goes by would be impossible were it not for a host of Americans working at jobs to keep our country going. If you look at our Danville Community School District it is a predominate agriculture based economy with farmers who grow crops, to the truckers that deliver to suppliers, suppliers that turn them into fuel or everyday staples, to the clerks that sell the products, America depends on all sorts of workers to keep it moving.

It is entirely fitting that a day is set-a-side to honor all workers of our nation, the men and women who keep us going and add to our country’s efficiency and greatness.

But it is proper to remember ourselves on this day, to remember that our work is very valuable in the entire picture of a growing and vital America. Whether as a student, parent, teacher, cook, custodian, para-educator, bus driver or administrator, we are involved in work that is valuable indeed. We are engaged in building the future of this country by educating our youth.

These are not merely words but an analysis of the situation. To the students, I say your work is most important, for you study now in order that you may learn the needed skills to join the adult workforce. It is you that will plan and build the world of tomorrow. Therefore, your work now is the most important thing that you can be doing, and this Labor Day is an honor to you.

For the rest of us, I ask what is more difficult, more important or more rewarding than helping these young people step into the future? Our work, in a very real sense, is to prepare them for their work and to see the connection of school and the real world. We have the very demanding responsibility of seeing to it that they receive what they need in order to assume their places in the world they inherit. From the teacher in the classroom who teaches them to read or perform math skills, to the administrator who sees that the learning environment is
conducive to learning, to the parents who nurture and love them, help them along the way, and support them in work-we also work at a very important job, a job that is vital not only to their success but to the future of this land.

So, to all that will be celebrating this Labor Day weekend thank you for your hard work and the pride you take in a job well done.

Yours in education,

Dr. Thomas Ward

Thursday, August 17, 2017

It is that time of year again.

Well students and parents, it is that time of year again. Soon the alarm clocks will be signaling the start of another school year. For seniors, it will be your last “first day” and kindergarten it will be your first of many more to come. We are starting a new year with new hopes and dreams and this newness alone cannot bring about transformation. This rebirth must be a team approach. It takes many individuals to participate in the education process and for all to be successful we must strive to do a better job than the previous year.
Ray and custodians have done an excellent job of getting the building and grounds in shape for students and teachers, alike. John has all the buses ready, along with the drivers on their routes. All of the principals are anxiously awaiting the arrival of students.  Secretaries are checking in boxes of supplies and double-checking to make sure we have needed items for the year. Abby and the cooks have menus prepared in order all students can have a balanced breakfast and lunch. For myself, I am overjoyed to be starting another year in the greatest profession, education.
Good luck to all and a big “thank you” to those involved with the start of school. I hope 2017-2018 is the best year yet. Feel free to stop by Central Office, call 319-392-4223 or drop an e-mail to on comments or concerns for the District.

Yours in Education,

Dr. Tom Ward, Superintendent

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Thank you!

Dear Danville Supporters,

It has been a fast seven years!  And when most people feel that the time has flown, it is usually because we have been very busy.  That is definitely true for the Danville Community School District!

There have been many positive changes in academic delivery over the last seven years in the Danville School District.  The decision and implementation of Everyday Math has produced fantastic results.  The early literacy interventions of Really Great Reading, Boost, Blitz, and Blast have supported identified gaps in our students' literacy abilities.  Science Foss kits have brought a hand-ons approach to learning science.  The on-line textbook delivery that many of our social studies classes use today help differentiate reading levels.  The advancement of the Computer Aided Drafting and Welding programs have moved our industrial arts program to near of the top of Southeast Iowa.  The addition of a high school technology instructor was provided learning opportunities in Computer Programming, Web Design, and Networking.  The business department now offers a Personal Finance class based on the financial principles of Dave Ramsey.

Probably the biggest change over the seven years is the expansion of early childhood services the district offers.  We have made an emphasis of expanding the "Creative Curriculum" to the infants and toddlers so these kids are ready for success starting the first day of kindergarten.  The addition of the transitional kindergarten allows "young" students and those that are not quite ready on the first day of kindergarten an extra opportunity for success.  I do believe that the Danville School District will see a higher rate of student success based on these early childhood services.

The majority of the credit for these educational improvements go to the teachers that have either been visionary, been trained, and/or successfully implemented these programs.  The phrase "what is best for students" is embedded within many parts of our school system.  I believe that is one reason why Danville is the "Home of Quality Kids."

The latest innovative changes will start this fall.  Danville will have eleven juniors and seniors participating in ILEAD (Iowa Develop Excel Achieve Develop) where they will work with businesses and community organizations on real life projects and earning core credit.  High school students will also have more concurrent course opportunities with sharing options with New London, and therefore having earned college credit in high school.  I believe both of these initiatives have great potential for student achievement.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the students of Danville over the past seven years!  I will reflect fondly over my opportunities in Danville and wish the students, staff, and community the best in the future.

Monday, May 1, 2017

2017 Summer School

Dear Danville Supporter,

The Danville Community School District is going to make some adjustments to the 2017 summer school program based on the actions of the Iowa legislature two weeks ago.  When the 2016-17 school calendar was approved, this summer was to be the first year of retention of third graders who were not at level in literacy.  There were requirements for attendance and summer curriculum under the old rules.

Therefore, given that these state requirements were no longer mandated due to lack of funding, the Danville School District is going to make the following modifications to the 2017 summer school program:

1.  Summer school for grades 9-12 will run June 5-30.

2.   Grades 9-12 will have an opportunity for credit recovery on E2020.

3.  Summer school for grades 6-8 will run June 5-16.

4.  Grades 6-8 will participate in a program based on literacy, math, and organizational skills.

5.  Summer school for grades K-5 will run July 31-August 11.

6.  Grades K-5 will focus on a "Jump Start" format for the start of the 2017-18 school year.

The Danville Community Schools believes that extended learning opportunities are critical to the overall skill development of our students.  Despite the state refusing to financially support students who need more opportunities to learn and succeed, the Danville Community School District will provide "what is best for kids."

Thank you for your support of Danville Schools!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Announcement of New Danville Superintendent

Dear Danville Supporters,

The Danville Community School Board would like to announce that Dr. Thomas Ward has accepted to become the new superintendent of the Danville Community School District effective July 1, 2017.

Dr. Ward has received a Bachelor of Science in Education at Northeast Missouri State University in 1975, his Masters of Art in Educational Administration at Lindenwood University in 1999, his Educational Specialist degree at Lindenwood University in 2002, and his PH. D in K-12 Educational Administration at Capella University in 2007.

Dr. Ward began his educational career as a health and physical education teacher in Missouri in 1975.  He became a principal at Iron County in 1999 and advanced to the superintendent position in the same district in 2001.  Dr. Ward is currently in his sixth year as superintendent of IKM-Manning Community School District in Manning, Iowa.

Board President Allan Luers said "Dr. Ward rose to the top of a competitive pool of candidates.  His depth of experience, background of STEM and project-based opportunities, along with his solid financial background and community involvement will continue to move the Danville School District forward with students being the priority."